All candidates for membership must fill out an application in order to be considered. Please read over all the information on this page, and then click on the “Membership Application” link below to complete the application. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the membership committee who will make a decision. You will be notified of this decision either via phone or email. Candidates accepted for membership will have a 6 month introductory or probationary period.

Membership Application

Thank you for considering membership with the House of Blahnik.

The House of Blahnik was founded in 2000 by African American and Latino gay and transgender persons whose primary goal was to form a social network of progressive, supportive, and creative individuals dedicated to developing and garnishing the talents and gifts of the “ballroom” community. The House of Blahnik is much more than just a ballroom house it is first an organization. The House of Blahnik provides scholarships to ballroom members (both inside and outside of Blahnik), conducts HIV prevention and overall wellness programming across the country, is a leader in HIV prevention clinical research education in the ballroom community, and advocates on behalf of the ballroom community internationally to audiences in the areas of public health and social justice.

What Makes Blahnik A Success: The Three

  • Ourselves
    We believe wholeheartedly in our own abilities. We deem our challenges as our unique defining characteristics that attribute to our specialness. We always conduct ourselves with integrity. We understand that our lives have endless possibilities and collectively we can overcome the impossible. In us lie hope and an immeasurable amount of courage!
  • Family
    We want the HOB to be the best family and organization ever assembled! We must be extraordinarily caring, like extensions of our own biological families. We must be supportive in times of personal difficulty, create opportunities for personal, professional and social growth, and always make an effort to listen to your brothers and sisters. Every family member will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Community
    We believe great houses have a moral core. We care deeply about our communities and we demonstrate this commitment by vanquishing negative unwarranted energy towards others. We respect others and what they are trying to achieve. We believe in difference and not superiority. All of us are ethical and honest.